In this fast-paced world we live in, people are constantly looking for ways to save precious time. With all the convenient services we have at our disposal, it's no wonder that so many people want to speed up their morning routines by getting permanent makeup. While this concept may seem a bit unusual, it has become one of many ways people are using to make routine tasks quicker and easier.

All natural permanent makeup is essentially a tattoo that makes you appear as if you're always wearing makeup. In fact, the procedure is much like that of getting a tattoo; the technician applies the pigment with a needle, and eventually you may have to return for touch-up visits. During the consultation, you can select the shades of your permanent makeup, and the technician will sketch the areas on your skin to be pigmented. Permanent makeup technicians use a hollow needle that releases color into a hole in your skin. Although pigment is applied to the top layer of skin only, the procedure may still sting -- just like it does when you get a tattoo. It takes about three weeks for the pigment to fade to the color you selected.

The results are a beautifully enhanced face, 24/7.

Benefits of Permanent Cosmetics

Saves Time

Who couldn't use more time in our day? People with busy schedules save time in their morning routines, by eliminating the need to pencil eyebrows, apply eyeliner and continually apply lip color.  

No Maintenance

You never have to worry about your makeup smearing. Permanent makeup will never come off while swimming, working out or while showering. It is fully resistant to wear and you never need to worry about reapplying.

Improve Budget

People spend thousands of dollars year after year on a full face of makeup. Generally permanent makeup is a one-time process with touch-ups every few years. Your monthly budget will decrease with the removal of expensive cosmetics from your list and leave you looking your best.

Ease Allergies

Hunting for the ideal beauty product for those with allergies and sensitive skin can be very trying. Continually seeking out brands that can be worn without causing breakout and inflammation. With permanent makeup you can end the cycle of allergic reaction and still have the appearance of wearing makeup without the irritation.


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