Musings of a Mad Woman

Updated: Apr 22 is everyone else doing during this most uncertain time in the world today? Am I the only one out there looking at literally everything in my life and wondering if it should stay or if it should go? And thankfully, I really do not have a lot of things to examine these days. Now if you had hit me with this pandemic thing 20 years ago, I would be certainly singing a whole other tune in my head. And I don't think I would have found it on the meditation channel.

I find myself grateful today for what is happening for me personally during this pandemic. While I was the first one to shake my head and wonder why, for goodness sake, is everyone getting so wrapped up in a version of the coronavirus which has permeated our lives and has killed many millions before, I believe I have a deeper understanding today. As much as I dislike the phrase "everything happens for a reason", I have yet to cleverly find another that works as well. I invite anyone who has a idea of a better one to reach out to me. I would love to hear it!

This disease was predictable in reality. And if you look hard enough you can find many things which will point to this. Medically based or otherwise. Either in the words of Dr. Fauci himself in 2017, the predictions of psychic Sylvia Brown in her book End of Days (and probably one of her best with her more intuitive mind), the movie My Secret Terrins on Netflix in 1981, or even a rap singer named for gosh sakes "Dr. Creep" in 2013 with lyrics that read in part "the 2020 Coronavirus bodies stacking up complete with FEMA coffins" or something like that. I guess the Simpson's had something to do with the prediction too in a 1999 episode.

While even some of my spiritual leaders are in complete agreement that this "Awakening of the World" is in place and predicted. I now am in a place of acceptance. The search for the premeditated reasons, either with good intentions or bad, is no longer relevant in my personal arena. In my world today, I am more focused on what this time is trying to show me intuitively about my life, and my own purpose within it today. When I released the anger (fear) around the "unfairness" of what it was doing to our world, I actually got excited for myself personally.

I have been wanting to move my career onto a path for which I have been quite passionate about for a very long time. And all of a sudden it didn't feel so scary since the rest of the world was redesigning their own lives as well. I suddenly had the protection of the world in many ways with the universal forgiveness of responsibilities of survival, the ability for once to apply for unemployment as a self employed person, being able to qualify for grants and loans not available before, and most of all the "grounding" of my physical body to my home. Spiritual gifts in my opinion.

Wow....I know.....what to do with my time? Hmmm.... I could listen to the news, get more emotionally involved with my innate empathetic feelings for the suffering of others (which has never served me well before) or I could go inward and reassess my life. I believe many have found themselves doing this as well. I am not condemning the media (well sort of) but not really. It is just overwhelming for me to listen and watch. Its their job to ignite emotion. They are very good at their job for sure.

For me, I find more information without the emotional depth of feelings facilitated within me by the television on my own. I am a pro at that. I am a recovering traumatic life experiencer, meticulous researcher, and a story sharer. I am well seasoned, well read, and possess an innate need to help others understand themselves and the world around them. This is the self discovery of my life's purpose today. I am grateful, blessed, and excited for my future!

So welcome to my "musings of a mad woman" version of the Pandemic Coronavirus 2020. I believe we can let it DESTROY us or REDEFINE us. We have been given a major reset button during our lives here on earth today. As we move forward there is one thing for which I am certain. We will be BETTER. We will be STRONGER. We will be forever CHANGED. And we will all be more UNIFIED within the collective world as well. The changes coming will be for a "reason" or maybe just a "season," as many people are within our lives. My prayers today are for more love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, and unity within our world for a LIFETIME! Life is good....and so it is!


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