Wrinkles aren't the only thing that age us....learn how to decrease your wrinkles from inside out.

Recently I have been listening to and researching the things that we need to sustain our vitality and youthful looking appearance. I must admit with my upcoming 60th birthday approaching I have become very aware of how my body has started to age right before my eyes. From the wrinkles on my face, to the crepey skin on my arms, and the less "get up and go" feeling I used to possess.

I came upon some interesting information regarding how we age from the inside out. This makes perfect sense. If the internal processes are aging then bodies would function less effectively with deteriorating cell functions. That includes the collagen, hyaluronic acid, and all the other products we either put on or inject into our skin.

Dr. David Sinclair has done some extensive research on the aging process and the particular things which seem to aid in arresting or reversing the aging process within the body. Two of these items I have been following myself the last few years and recently started taking about 4 months ago. Intermittent fasting I have practiced for about 3 years now.

Dr. Sinclair found five modalities which help our bodies recover and arrest or significantly reverse the aging process. These include;


This allows for your cells to completely reset and start to build from ground zero. He proved this theory by experiments he did on mice and monitoring their aging process. He was able to assess the mice that participated in intermittent fasting and ones that did not. The mice that ate one day and then not at all the next showed visible signs of seeming younger attributes such as eye sight improvement {who knows how they can do that one lol} and energy levels.


This is a stilbenoid, a natural phenol, which is produced and used by many plants when it is under attack by pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, or sustains an injury. Sources of Reservatrol in food items include; the skin of grapes, blueberries, raspberries, and peanuts.

Reservatrol can also be purchased in supplement or powder form easily from Amazon. I always research the most well rated and prefer powder form over supplements.


NMN is a derivative of niacin and human enzymes. In the experiments he performed. as well as, another medical group studying the same effect came to the same conclusions essentially. They found the effects on our mitochondrial function {the cells responsible for our youth and vitality} had significant improvements. The mice used in Dr. Sinclair's experiments were shown to perform amazing stamina at an age far younger than their chronological age.

It was noted that they had to stop the mice from running rather than let them continue for fear of over exhausting them. I had to laugh thinking about who would stop humans if we had the same amazing results and no one to say "enough is enough". I have admit that I have not experienced this sudden energy boost yet then again I was ill for the majority of time when I started this supplement and missed many a dose. I'll let you know if one morning I just jump out of bed and start running around my neighborhood without my morning coffee. LOL

Now NMN and its ability to work effectively is by combining it with Resveratrol. NMN is the fuel and Resveratol the facilitator in getting the fuel into the cells. Its a fairly long story but the jest of it is NMN is too large of a molecule to cross that wall with the breakdown which Resveratrol provides, allowing the molecules to squeeze in without losing it efficacy. Once in though the wall cells or reenergized and start to significantly slow the aging process by recharging the very things that have been depleted.

Another cell structure necessary to complete the ability for NMN to work are ribosomes. I take a particular supplement that I receive from a company I have followed for many years which includes all three.


There are seven different types of sirtuins in our bodies which promote and facilitate the health of our cells but even I as a nurse, I have no desire to to understand all of them nor explain the mechanism which makes them work. I know they are found in yeast and various other sources.


Metformin is a drug used to treat diabetes and like other medications the benefit for other issues have been discovered. The mechanisms of Metformin has shown to interfere in the development of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, and yes, with aging as well. It is a fairly inexpensive drug on the pharmaceutical list and I am assuming there will be a mad rush to obtain this drug when more research is released about it. And I am sure the prices will rise with its new found benefits.

I know that many of us have subscribed to the antioxidant or amino acid treatments for anti-aging, however, in further studies it has shown that while these do work somewhat in the short term that the longer lasting effects could actually have you back where you started and maybe for a bit worse. Kind of like coffee with the sudden rush of energy followed by the crash and burn which happens a few hours later. Looks good right away but is an ineffective way of dealing with the aging issue in the long term.

I hope this information has been helpful and if you desire more information on the supplements I know and are using, please reach out to me. I will provide you with information. This supplements are affordable and I am subscribing in the treatment of my older age. I was getting tired of my mind writing checks my body wasn't backing up nor my mirror reflecting the age I feel inside. TJ



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